Preparing for Season Changes

There are a few things to consider when the seasons are changing where your home is located. First, are you only staying there for certain seasons and living somewhere else during another? For example, are you living in New England during the summer and staying in Arizona during the winter in New England to avoid the harsh cold? Or are you living in your home all year round? These are both huge things to think about.

If you are leaving Arizona to go to another home for the summer before leaving be sure everything outside and around the house is up to date and clean. A few weeks before leaving be sure to, trim the trees, close up the pool to ensure nothing fills it or gets in it turning it different colors while you’re gone, catch up with the lawn, etc. Days before leaving, you want to start taking things inside or putting away anything that might not survive the summer heat and sun. This could be patio sets, swing cushions, etc. These are easy things to do but very necessary to come home to a well-kept home to start using again immediately.

For those of you who are staying all year round just be sure to keep up with your house. Make the sure lawn and plants, etc are all well kept right before a new season starts that way if for some reason you can’t get out there to keep up with them at least you started fresh with their appearance. Know what the season changes usually consist that way you are prepared to make the necessary changes to your home throughout the year.