Budgeting for Roof Work and Other Needs

After furnishing but before you think about hiring people for repairs or any work that needs doing around the house that you don’t know how to do you need to think about your budget. An interesting tip I read on HGTV.com is that you should put away 1-3% of what you paid for your home every year to help fund any repairs or extra maintenance you may need throughout the next year. Another fact similar to that says that you should put away $1 per square foot of your house a year in order to have money aside for repairs. Either one of these tips would work only if you take into account¬†JBS Roofing: Phoenix Roof Repair & Roofing Contractors.

Before calculating anything having to do with maintenance and all of the things you need to pay for when you have a house you need to think of the age of the house too. An old house is going to need a lot more repairs and upkeep than a newer house. Things are going to break a lot more often and you need to be prepared for that money wise.Also, consider what kind of weather is the norm for where you live. For those living in Arizona, the heat is a big factor, things might overheat and need to be fixed or replaced. Always keep where you live in mind too.

This is also a good place to make a list of any maintenance or repairs you already know you need or anything you think you might need in the next few months to a year. Keep a list of what you already know you need and a running one. For the running one be thinking of prices for each item on the list as well as people who could be helpful to you while checking things off. This could be roofers, plumbers, etc go through more than just one too to compare prices and whatnot since you have time. For the items on your list that you need to be done as soon as possible, you might not have as much time to compare prices but still try to save as much money as possible. Do as much as you can do on your own before hiring out. Check to see if anyone in your immediate family or friend circle know how to do any of the things on your list. You might find people you’re close to having talents that you never knew about.

The best way to have extra money for all of your house maintenance is to save money. While there are a lot of ways to save money inside of your house there are a few things you can cut back on to save a little more. During months that are brighter like during the summer leave the lights off more, since it usually doesn’t start getting dark until around 9 p.m. that will save you a lot of money. If you have a bigger family that take showers every day or every other day try your best to schedule your showers as close together as possible that way the boiler doesn’t shut off between each shower. This saves so much in oil costs as well.

Many people open credit cards to put new house expenses on there. Like they use them to finance a refrigerator or a washer and dryer things like that. Try to avoid that as much as possible credit can help but it also can seriously damage your future purchases. If you intend to buy a new house or a car in the future you are going to need that good credit.